Pecan pie calories

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How many calories in pecan pie?

So how many calories does pecan pie have in it? Let's now take a look.

Commercially prepared pecan pie

  • A 133 g slice of pecan pie = 541
  • 100 g = 407
  • 1 oz = 114

Pecan pie calories, homemade from recipe

  • A 122 g slice, 1/8 of a 9" pie = 503
  • 110 g = 412
  • 1 oz = 115

Denny's pecan pie

  • A 7 oz pie = 730
  • 100 g = 368
  • 1 oz = 104

KFC, the colonel's pecan pie

  • A 113 g slice = 490
  • 100 g = 434
  • 1 oz = 121

We hope that this section has given you a clear indication as to the calories pecan pie contains.

Is pecan pie good for you?

There are some interesting nutritional benefits that can be obtained from eating pecan pie, as it is rich in several important nutrients. A huge source of vitamin K and manganese, this tasty dessert is also high in several other nutrients such as protein, manganese, phosphorus, copper, selenium and several B vitamins. The bad news though is that it is also quite high in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, which are the three main things that you should be aiming to minimalise in your diet.

You will also have noticed from the stats on this page that there are several calories in pecan pie too, which is going to be an issue for anybody who is calorie counting, or on a diet in general. This is definitely a sweet treat that is best off being eaten occasionally as a treat, and not as a regular part of your diet. A full breakdown of the nutritional values of pecan pie can be found via the link below.

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