Cherry pie calories

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How many calories in cherry pie?

So how many calories does cherry pie have in it? Let's take a look shall we.

Commercially made, cherry pie

  • A 4.1 oz slice of cherry pie = 304
  • 100 g = 260
  • 1 oz = 74

Cherry pie calories, homemade from recipe

  • A 6.3 oz slice of cherry pie, 1.8 of 9" pie = 486
  • 100 g = 270
  • 1 oz = 77

Average brand cherry pie filling, canned

  • A whole 595 g can = 684
  • 100 g = 115
  • 1 oz = 32

Low calorie, cherry pie filling

  • A 264 g cup = 140
  • 100 g = 53
  • 1 oz = 15

Starbucks cheery pie

  • A 1.7 oz serving = 170
  • 100 g = 354
  • 1 oz = 100

Trader Joe's cherry pie

  • A 4 oz slice = 300
  • 100 g = 265
  • 1 oz = 75

Hopefully this section has been able to give you a clear indication as to the calories cherry pie contains.

Is cherry pie good for you?

If you are a fan of cherry pie you will be pleased to know that it does hold some nutritional values. This is most notably it's moderate volume of vitamin K, vitamin B9 and manganese. However, it is very important to note that this is a food slightly high in sodium and saturated fat, which are two things that you should be aiming to keep to a minimum in your diet. There are not a huge amount of calories in cherry pie, but worth looking at if you are on a diet. This is a food that can fit into a healthy diet, as long as you eat it in moderation.

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