Pumpkin pie calories

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Check out our pumpkin pie nutrition facts here.

How many calories in pumpkin pie?

So how many calories does pumpkin pie have in it? Here we are going to take a look.

Commercially prepared pumpkin pie

  • A 133 g slice of pumpkin pie = 323
  • 100 g = 243
  • 1 oz = 78

Homemade pumpkin pie calories, from recipe

  • A 155 g slice of pumpkin pie, 1/8 of a 9" pie = 316
  • 100 g = 204
  • 1 oz = 57

Canned pumpkin pie mix

  • A 270 g cup = 281
  • 100 g = 104
  • 1 oz = 29

We hope that this section has given you a clearer idea of the calories pumpkin pie contains.

Is pumpkin pie good for you?

Pumpkin pie is an immense source of vitamin A, and also contains a very healthy amount of vitamin K, several B vitamins, phosphorus, selenium and copper. It does contain notable amounts of cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat though, which means although it has some great nutritional plus points, it should not be eaten in large quantities on a regular basis.

Moderating this food in your diet is the best way to reap it's benefits and not add to those negative nutritional factors that you should be restricting in your diet. If you are on a calorie counting diet though you may be put off by the calories in pumpkin pie that we have highlighted on this page.

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