Lemon meringue pie calories

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How many calories in lemon meringue pie?

So how many calories does lemon meringue pie have in it? Let's now take a look and answer that question.

Commercially prepared lemon meringue pie

  • A 113 g slice of lemon meringue pie = 303
  • 100 g = 268
  • 1 oz = 75

Lemon meringue pie calories, prepared from a recipe

  • A 127 g slice of lemon meringue pie = 362
  • 100 g = 285
  • 1 oz = 80

Dunkin donuts lemon meringue pie donut

* One donut = 320

Denny's lemon meringue pie

  • A 7 oz lemon meringue pie = 500
  • 1 oz = 71
  • 100 g = 252

We hope that this has given you a clearer indication as to the calories lemon meringue pie contains.

Is lemon meringue pie good for you?

Lemon meringue pie is a sweet dessert and the reason that it has a high calorie content is mainly down to the high volume of sugar in it. It also contains cholesterol an saturated fat, which are two things you should be aiming to keep to a minimum in your diet. This does not mean that you should avoid it, but it is certainly not something that should feature regularly in a healthy diet.

It does act as a good source of some B vitamins and also the mineral phosphorus though, and it is true to say that it does offer some nutritional value.

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