Calories in Starbucks Cappuccino

If you want to know how many calories are in a cappuccino, this is the page for you. We cover the calorific value of this popular beverage from Starbucks, using examples of the different sizes and types of milk used to make them. The site as a whole covers the calorie and nutritional content of hundreds of foods and drinks that your diet consists of. Our aim is to help your make better dietary choices.

How many calories in a cappuccino?

So how many calories does a cappuccino have in it? Let's take a look at various examples of the Starbucks beverage.

Cappuccino calories, with non fat milk, and no cream, from Starbucks

  • A tall cappuccino, 12 fl oz = 75
  • A grande cappuccino, 16 fl oz = 93
  • A venti cappuccino, 20 oz = 130
  • 1 fl oz of cappuccino = 10
  • 100 g of cappuccino = 33

Cappuccino, whole milk, no cream, from Starbucks

  • Tall cappuccino, 12 fl oz = 120
  • Grande, 16 oz = 150
  • Venti, 20 fl oz = 210
  • 1 fl oz = 17
  • 100 g = 53

Cappuccino, soy milk, no cream, from Starbucks

  • Tall cappuccino, 12 fl oz = 210
  • Grande, 16 oz = 280
  • Venti, 20 fl oz = 350
  • 1 fl oz = 17
  • 100 g = 62

Cappuccino, breve milk, no cream, from Starbucks

  • Tall cappuccino, 12 fl oz = 246
  • Grande, 16 oz = 307
  • Venti, 20 fl oz = 430
  • 1 fl oz = 33
  • 100 g = 109

Hopefully this section has given you a clear indication as to the calories cappuccinos contain.

Are cappuccinos bad for you?

As you can see from the list of cappuccinos above, the calorific content varies depending on the type of milk used. If you are watching your weight then the non fat option is definitely the way to go. It is a fact that there are less calories in a cappuccino than in other Starbucks beverages such as their lattes, so this is a healthier option. However, not drinking hot beverages like this, or consuming them very sparingly, is going to be more beneficial to you, because they offer very little in the way of nutritional goodness. You also can't get away from the fact that they contain saturated fat and cholesterol, which are two things you should be aiming to keep to a minimum in your diet.

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