Calories in Pepsi

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How many calories in a can of Pepsi?

  • A 7.5 fl oz can of Pepsi soda = 94 (4 more than Coca Cola)
  • An 8 fl oz can = 100
  • A 12 fl oz can = 150 (7 more than Coca Cola)

A bottle of Pepsi cola

  • A 1 pint bottle of Pepsi = 200
  • A 1 pint 4 fl oz bottle = 250

By volume

  • 1 fl oz of Pepsi = 12
  • 25 ml = 11
  • 100 ml = 42

Let's now take a look at some additional Pepsi drinks, but bear in mind that we have separate pages for Pepsi max and Diet Pepsi calories.

Wild Cherry Pepsi

  • A 12 fl oz can = 160
  • A 1 pint 4 fl oz bottle = 267
  • 1 fl oz = 13
  • 25 ml = 11
  • 100 ml = 45

Caffeine free Pepsi

  • A 12 fl oz can = 150
  • A 1 pint 4 fl oz bottle = 250
  • 1 fl oz = 12
  • 25 ml = 11
  • 100 ml = 42

We really hope that this section was able to give you a clearer idea as to the calories Pepsi contains.

Is Pepsi bad for you?

Sorry to say it folks but no fizzy pop is good for you, and they are something that should be kept to a severe minimum in your diet. Yes that does include the diet versions of sodas too, although they may be zero in calories, they offer nothing nutritionally and are bad for your teeth if nothing else. Regular Pepsi is full of sugar and has a high calorie content, so if you drink a lot of it then it is going to be fattening and contribute to weight gain.

There are plenty of other drinks out there like water, coconut milk and fruit juices in small amounts, that are going to be much more beneficial to your health and overall calorific intake. If Pepsi is something that features in your diet every day, you may really want to rethink that.

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