Calories in Pepsi Max

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What is Pepsi max?

Some people might be wondering what the difference is between Pepsi max and the regular or diet versions of the soda, so let's quickly clear that up. In simple terms Pepsi Max is a low calorie, sugar free version of Pepsi, but with more caffeine in it.

How many calories in a can of Pepsi max?

  • A 7.5 fl oz can of Pepsi max soda = 0
  • A 12 fl oz can of Pepsi max = 0

A bottle of Pepsi max cola

  • A 1 pint bottle of Pepsi max = 0
  • A 1 pint 4 fl oz bottle of Pepsi max = 0

Pepsi max by volume

  • 1 fl oz of Pepsi max = 0
  • 25 ml = 0
  • 100 ml = 0

We hope that this section has clearly highlighted the calories Pepsi max contains. Before you go away thinking that just because it is zero in calories in it is really good for you, check out the following section.

Is Pepsi max bad for you?

So as you can see, the calorie content of Pepsi max is zero. This is a dream for anybody on a diet, and just what anyone counting their calories wants to see. However, before you go away thinking Pepsi max is on par with water, think again. This soda is loaded with caffeine, more so than regular Pepsi and the diet version, and excessive amounts of this stimulant are not good for you.

Pepsi max has no sugar in it, but it tastes sweet right? Well the sweeteners that are used slow your fat burning and actually increase your hunger, which in turn affects your weight as you will eat more. So even with it's zero calorie value, Pepsi max is not exactly healthy.

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