Steamed clam calories

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How many calories in steamed clams?

So how many calories do steamed clams have in them? Let's now take a look using a variety of examples.

Cooked with a moist heat, mixed species, steamed clam calories

  • 20 small clams weighing 190 g = 281
  • A 3 oz serving = 126
  • 100 g of clams = 148
  • 1 oz = 41

Mixed clam species, raw

  • A 3 oz serving = 63
  • 100 g of clams = 74
  • 1 oz = 21

Mixed species clams, cooked, breaded and fried

  • 20 small clams weighing 188 g = 380
  • A 3 oz serving = 172
  • 100 g of clams = 202
  • 1 oz = 57

Clams, mixed species, drained solids from the can

  • A 160 g cup = 237
  • A 3 oz serving = 126
  • 100 g of clams = 148
  • 1 oz = 41

We hope that this section has given you a clear idea as to the calories clams contain, whether raw, cooked, or breaded and fried.

Are clams good for you?

There are some huge nutritional benefits that can be obtained from eating steamed clams, and these include a whopping dose off vitamin B12, a B vitamin that is not found in a great many foods. Clams are also a fantastic source of vitamin C, other B vitamins, protein, and the minerals iron, manganese, copper, selenium, iron, potassium, and phosphorus. Clams are low in saturated far, however they do have a rather high volume of cholesterol which is something you should be looking to keep to a minimum in your diet.

There aren't a huge number of calories in clams, but due to their cholesterol content they should be consumed in moderation. Small amounts of this popular seafood can still make a very handsome contribution to the levels of many nutrients in your body. For a full breakdown please follow the link below.

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