Discover how many calories are in cornflakes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you indulge in it you may be wondering how many calories are in a bowl of cornflakes? Whether made by Kellogg's, Great mills or various other corn flake producers, these crispy flakes are a very popular choice at the breakfast table, so read on to find out all about corn flakes calories.

We are also going to provide you with an explanation as to whether corn flakes are good for you or not and why, covering their nutritional values.

Corn flakes calories

So how many calories do corn flakes have in them? Let's find out.

How many calories in Kellogg's cornflakes?

  • In a regular 28 g bowl serving there is 101 cal.
  • In 100 g there are 361 cal.

How many calories in General Mills country corn flakes?

  • In a regular 30 g bowl serving there are 110 cal.
  • In 100 g there are 367 cal.

Kellogg's corn flakes with real bananas

  • In 1 oz there are 117 calories
  • In 100 g there are 417 calories

Quaker honey crisp corn flakes

  • 1 oz contains 105 cal.
  • 100 g contains 374 cal.

We hope that this section has been able to successfully highlight the calories corn flakes contain. To find out more about this healthy cereal, please continue to read.

Why are corn flakes good for you?

Now that you have read about the calories in corn flakes, you may be wondering whether or not they are good for you? Well I can set you straight right away by saying that corn flakes are very good for you indeed. There are several nutritional benefits to speak of, and these include a huge amount of Iron, vitamins A, C and D as well as most B vitamins, including vitamin B12. It also contains smaller amount of several other vitamins and minerals too, as well as protein.

There is barely any saturated fat in cornflakes, no cholesterol an also not a great deal of sodium. These are all very positive factors when it comes to working out whether cornflakes are good for you. You also don't have to worry about a huge amount of corn flakes calories either. This is definitely a food that is going to do your diet nothing but good, so have a bowl a day for breakfast! To see the full list of nutrients in corn flakes please click on the link below.

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