Clam chowder calories

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How many calories in clam chowder?

So how many calories does clam chowder have in it? This is what we are going to dive straight into, using a number of different examples using the most popular brands.

Culver's soup, New England clam chowder calories

  • A 300 g serving of clam chowder = 172
  • 100 g = 57
  • 1 oz = 16

Campbell's soups at hand, New England clam chowder

  • A 305 g serving of calm chowder = 122
  • 100 g = 40
  • 1 oz = 11

Campbell's red and white soups, New England clam chowder condensed

  • A 126 g serving of clam chowder = 89
  • 100 g = 71
  • 1 oz = 20

Campbell's select, 98% fat free New England Clam chowder

  • A 245 g serving of clam chowder = 105
  • 100 g = 43
  • 1 oz = 12

Long John Silver's clam chowder calories

  • A 277 bowl serving of clam chowder = 220
  • 100 g = 97
  • 1 oz = 27

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Is clam chowder good for you?

Clam chowder is not a food that you could really classify as good for you. It is high in sodium and also has a notable amount of saturated fat and cholesterol, all 3 of these things are not good for your health, and you should be aiming to keep them to a real minimum in your diet. There are not any real nutritional plus points to speak of when looking at clam chowder either, other than a decent amount of protein, which can be gotten from a wide range of other sources. This is definitely a food to avoid in your diet, or at lease keep to including it very occasionally.

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