Chocolate cake calories

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How many calories in chocolate cake?

So how many calories does chocolate cake have in it? Let's now take a look at some of the most popular examples that you are likely to come across.

Commercially prepared chocolate cake, with frosting

  • A 64 g slice, an eighth of an 18 oz cake = 235
  • 100 g = 367
  • 1 oz = 103
  • Commercially prepared chocolate cake calories, without frosting

  • 100 g = 358
  • 1 oz = 101
  • Chocolate cake prepared from recipe, without frosting

  • 100 g = 371
  • 1 oz = 104
  • Carl Jnr's chocolate cake dessert

  • An 85 g order = 300
  • 100 g = 353
  • 1 oz = 99
  • KFC double chocolate chip cake calories

  • A 76 g order = 320
  • 100 g = 421
  • 1 oz = 118
  • Starbucks specialty chocolate big baby bundt cake

  • A 91 g order = 330
  • 100 g = 363
  • 1 oz = 102
  • We hope that this section has given you a clear idea as to the calories chocolate cake contains. Obviously chocolate cake is something that can be made in a number of different ways, so it is always best to check the calorific value printed on the label for the exact number that it contains.

    Is chocolate cake good for you?

    Unfortunately chocolate cake is not something that is good for you, and therefore shouldn't have a regular place in your diet. It contains a notable amount of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, which are three things that you should be aiming to restrict in a healthy diet. There are several calories in chocolate cake, and these come primarily from it's high sugar content. Chocolate cake does contain a basic amount of most nutrients, most notably iron, manganese, fiber and copper, however it is not a food that should be eaten for nutritional purposes. A slice once every so often as a treat won't do you any harm.

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