Catfish calories

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How many calories in catfish?

So how many calories does catfish have in it? Let's now take a look.

    Channel, farmed, cooked with dry heat, catfish calories

  • A 143 g fillet of cooked catfish = 217
  • 100 g = 152
  • 1 oz = 43

Channel, farmed, cooked breaded and fried, catfish

  • An 87 g fillet of cooked catfish = 199
  • 100 g = 229
  • 1 oz = 64

Channel, wild, cooked with dry heat, catfish calories

  • A 143 g fillet of cooked catfish = 150
  • 100 g = 105
  • 1 oz = 29

We hope that this section has been able to clearly highlight the calories catfish contains.

Is catfish good for you?

There are some pretty impressive nutritional benefits that can be obtained from eating catfish, and these are mainly it's huge volume of B vitamins, most notably vitamin B12, as well as protein, and the minerals phosphorus, selenium and zinc. However, the main issue with eating a lot of cat fish is it's cholesterol and saturated fat content, which are both very high. There is no doubt that having catfish regularly can do your nutritional levels a lot of good, but you have to watch your intake of cholesterol and saturated fat, as too much of these is very bad for you. There are not an awful lot of calories in catfish either, which is another good factor, and as you can see from the information above this does vary between the wild and farmed variety.

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