Busch light calories

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How many calories in Busch light?

This brand is so popular they named a sports stadium after it in Missouri, with the St Louis Cardinals playing the home matches at Busch stadium. Busch is a popular variety of lager in North America, and like many other brands they have this incredibly popular light variety of their product. So how many calories does Busch light have in it?

Busch light pale lager - 4.1% alcohol content

  • A 12 fl oz can or bottle of Busch light = 95
  • 1 fl oz of Busch light = 8
  • 25 ml of Busch light = 7
  • 100 ml = 27

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What's the difference?

Many people are going to be wondering just what the difference is between ordinary Bud light, and Bud light platinum? The obvious thing is that Bud light platinum comes in a very cool blue glass bottle, looking rather stylish. The primary difference though is that it has a high alcohol volume than Bud light at 4.2% and ordinary Budweiser at 5%. It is also highly carbonated, and contains more sugar, so despite it's 'light' label, it is in fact high in calories. At 137 in a 12 fl oz bottle of Bud light platinum, that is only 8 less than a regular Bud.

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