How Many Calories are in Beer?

Beer and lager are alcoholic beverages that are enjoyed by millions every single day of the week, but how many calories in beer? This page is going to provide you with a guide to beer calories, using many beers that are household names such as Budweiser and Heineken. Using examples of the measurements that beer usually comes in, such as bottles and pints, this is a great guide to the calories beer contains.

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Of course there are hundreds of different beers that you may be interested in when you are thinking about the calories beer contains. Our next section shows a wide range of them for you.

How many calories in a beer?

Now let's take a look at how many calories are in a beer, using several of the brand names you will be familiar with when buying beer at a bar and also at the store.

The beers below are mostly bottles that are generally 12 fl oz (330ml) unless stated as a pint or other measurement.

  • Amstel light bottle 355ml - 95 calories
  • Becks bottle 355ml - 99
  • Becks pint - 204 calories
  • Becks Vier pint - 188
  • Budweiser bottle 355ml - 145 calories
  • Bud light bottle 355ml - 110
  • Budweiser pint - 250 calories
  • Budweiser light pint - 227
  • Carlsberg bottle - 140 calories
  • Carlsberg pint - 198
  • Carlsberg export bottle 500 ml - 200
  • Carlsberg export pint - 227
  • Coors light bottle 355ml - 102
  • Corona bottle 355ml - 148
  • Corona light bottle 355ml - 109
  • Corona extra bottle 355ml - 148
  • Fosters pint - 193
  • Fosters export can 440ml - 163
  • Guinness pint - 237
  • Guinness can 440ml - 185
  • Heineken bottle 355ml - 110
  • Heineken pint - 227
  • Heineken Export bottle 355ml - 148
  • Heineken Export pint - 256
  • Miller genuine draft 64 bottle - 64 calories
  • Miller high life bottle - 143 calories
  • Miller lite bottle - 96 calories
  • Sam Adams Boston Lager bottle 355ml - 160
  • San Miguel bottle - 140
  • Stella Artois bottle - 154

As you can see from the above list of calories in beer the number of calories does vary from brand to brand. Beer calories really can mount up if you enjoy your beer, so if you are somebody on a diet or who actively counts your calories you will see that it is best to be avoided in high volumes.

What beer has the lowest calories?

Lite beers have less calories in than normal beer, as you would expect.

On average a 355ml (12fl oz) bottle of normal beer has approx 140 - 150 calories

On average a lite beer 355ml (12fl oz) has approx 90 - 110 calories

The lowest calorie beer is currently Budweiser Select 55 which has only 55 calories.

Alcohol is very high in calories, a fact frequently overlooked by people trying to loose weight. So non-alcoholic beers are also lower in calories that normal beers.

More information

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