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If you would like to find out how many calories are in a whopper from Burger King, you have come to the right place. We cover the the Whopper with cheese and without, as well as the double version of the popular sandwich.

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How many calories in a whopper?

So how may calories does a whopper have in it? This obviously depends on which of the popular burgers you are referring to. Let's now take a look at the most popular examples.

Regular whopper calories

  • One 291 g whopper, without cheese = 678
  • 100 g = 233
  • 1 oz = 65

Regular whopper, with cheese

  • One 316 g whopper, with cheese = 790
  • 100 g = 250
  • 1 oz = 70

Double whopper, without cheese

  • One 374 g double whopper, without cheese = 942
  • 100 g = 252
  • 1 oz = 71

Double whopper, with cheese

  • One 399 g double whopper, with cheese = 1,061
  • 100 g = 266
  • 1 oz = 74

Chicken whopper, with mayo

  • One 272 g chicken whopper, with mayo = 588
  • 100 g = 216
  • 1 oz = 60

Chicken whopper, with mayo

  • One 251 g chicken whopper, without mayo = 420
  • 100 g = 167
  • 1 oz = 47

We hope that this section has been able to clearly highlight the calories a whopper contains.

Are whoppers good for you?

There is no doubt that the whopper fro Burger King is something that is classed as 'junk food', and you only need to see the whopper calories displayed above, to recognise that it is not good for you. They do have some nutritional plus points though, such as a high volume of most B vitamins, vitamin K, protein and several minerals including iron, calcium, zinc, selenium and manganese. However, the whopper is also loaded with saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, which are all things you should be restricting in your diet.

This makes the whopper overall a food that is no good for anybody looking to eat a stable and healthy diet. It's calorific content is huge and the negatives largely outweigh the positives.

To see a full breakdown of the nutritional value of a whopper, please click here.

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