Big Mac Calories

The Big Mac is the premier sandwich sold in it's millions daily by fast food giant McDonald's, all over the world. But have you ever wondered about the Big Mac calories that you could be consuming? Here you can find out how many calories are in a Big Mac meal, as well as the calories found in the sandwich on its own. We also have a section providing you with Big Mac nutrition facts, showing all of the vitamins and minerals that the sandwich contains.


Bic Mac calories - Sandwich on it's own

  • In 1 Big Mac sandwich there are 550 calories

How many calories in a Big Mac meal?

Obviously when you head into McDonald's the meals can vary depending on the type of drink that you have with the meal, as well as the size of the drink and fries that you go for. The following examples are for the small, medium and large meal sizes, including the fries and also the relevant sized coke. It is possible to grab a bottle of water instead of having a carbonated drink or milk shake with your meal, which of course will lower the total calorific values that we have highlighted. To be precise we have shown you the number of calories that are in each component of the meals.

  • In a small Big Mac meal including small fries and small coke there are 930 calories (sandwich - 550 calories, fries - 230 calories, drink - 150 calories)
  • In a medium Big Mac meal including medium fries and medium coke there are 1,140 calories (sandwich 550 calories, fries - 380 calories, drink 210 calories)
  • In a large Big Mac meal including large fries and large coke there are 1,360 calories (sandwich 550 calories, fries - 500 calories, drink - 310 calories)

As you can see when it comes to how many calories in a Big Mac meal they grow larger as the meal sizes do, and the numbers are quite hefty. If you are a 6ft male who is 25 years of age and sedentary in your activity levels, you should be eating 2,094 calories each day just to maintain your weight.

Big mac nutrition facts

The following nutrition information is for one 7.6 oz / 215 g Big Mac sandwich

  • Vitamin A120 IU
  • Vitamin C - 2 milligrams
  • Calcium 250 milligrams (an impressive 25% of your recommended daily allowance)
  • Iron - 2 milligrams
  • Sodium - 1010 milligrams (a staggering 67 % of your recommended daily allowance)
  • Fiber - 3 g
  • Fats - 30 g
  • Carbohydrates - 47 g
  • Protein - 25 g
  • Sugars - 8 g
  • Cholesterol - 80 mg

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