Discover how many calories are in tonic water

If you would like to find out how many calories are in tonic water, you have definitely landed on the right page. This is a simple guide to tonic water calories, where we also discuss whether or not it is good for you and why.

We also explain why tonic water has calories in, as many people wonder why this is the case when normal still water is something that is renowned for being calorie free.

Tonic water calories

So how many calories does tonic water have in it? This is a question we are now going to answer for you.

  • In 1 fl oz of carbonated tonic water there are 10 cal.
  • In an 11 fl oz bottle of carbonated tonic water there are 114 cal.
  • In 100 g of carbonated tonic water there are 34 cal.

We hope that this section has been able to successfully highlight the calories tonic water contains.

You may wonder why tonic water has calories in it, as essentially it is water, and this is something that should not contain calories. Well the reason is because tonic water has a sugar content, and this is where the calories come from. It is not just a case of normal water being fizzy.

Is tonic water good for you?

Now that you have seen the calories in tonic water you may still want clarification as to whether it is good for you or not? Well there are very few calories to worry about, so it is a drink that is better for you than other soft drinks such as soda which is loaded with sugar and calories. However, there are no nutritional benefits that can be obtained from drinking it, as water doesn't really have anything in it. This makes it more that it is not bad for you at all, as opposed to it actually doing you any good.

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