Starburst Calories

If you want to find out how many calories are in Starburst, the popular fruit candy, you have laded on the right page.

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How many calories in Starburst?

So how many calories in a Starburst? Let's take a look at the candy made by Masterfoods, as a packet and on their own.

Original Fruit Starburst calories

  • A 5 g Starburst chew = 20
  • A 40 g pack of 8 Starburst chews = 163
  • 1 oz = 114
  • 100 g = 408

Tropical Starburst

  • A 5 g Starburst chew = 20
  • A 40 g pack of 8 Starburst chews = 164
  • 1 oz = 115
  • 100 g = 409

Calories in Starburst sour

  • A 5 g Starburst chew = 20
  • A 59 g pack Starburst chews = 236
  • 1 oz = 112
  • 100 g = 400

We hope that this page has been able to clearly highlight the calories Starburst contain.

Are Starburst good for you?

As you can see there are loads of Starburst calories in just one packet, and this is down to the huge amount of sugar that they contain. Eating too many of these is going to be bad for your teeth, and is also going to cause weight gain. There is another negative factor to consider too and that is that there is a high amount of saturated fat used to make Starburst, and this is something that you should be looking to keep to a minimum in your diet.

The only positive factor to take into consideration from a nutritional standpoint is that there is a high amount of vitamin C, but this is a nutrient that can be obtained from a huge range of other foods too.

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