Find out how many calories are in potato soup

If you would like to know how many calories are in potato soup, you have certainly come to the right page. This is a simple guide to potato soup calories, as well as an explanation as to whether this popular variety of soup is good for you or not. We will also point you in the right direction when it comes to the nutritional value of not only potato soup, but a wide range of other soups too.

Potato soup calories

So how many calories does potato soup have in it? As this is a very popular soup that comes in several different varieties, we have used lots of examples to answer this question.

Cream of potato soup, canned, condensed, average brand

  • A 126 g 1/2 cup serving contains 74 cal.
  • 100 g contains 59 cal.
  • 1 oz contains 17 cal.

Potato soup, dry instant mix

  • A serving from a 39 g packet contains 134 calories

Subway cream of potato with bacon soup

  • A 240 g cup contains 210 calories
  • 100 g contains 87 calories
  • 1 oz contains 24 calories

Campbell's select, red and white label cream of potato soup, condensed

  • A 126 g 1/2 cup serving contains 91 cal.
  • 100 g contains 73 cal.
  • 1 oz contains 20 cal.

Campbell's chunky, baked potato with cheddar cheese and bacon bits

  • A 245 g serving contains 159 cal.
  • 100 g contains 65 cal.
  • 1 oz contains 18 cal.

Campbell's chunky old fashioned ham chowder soup

  • A 245 g serving contains 191 calories.
  • 100 g contains 78 calories.
  • 1 oz contains 22 calories.

We hope that this section has been able to highlight the calories potato soup contains. If you want to find out about the nutritional benefits of potato soup, please see the links provided below.

Is potato soup good for you?

Now that you have read about the calories that potato soup contains, you may be interested to learn whether or not it is good for you. Potato soup has a high amount of copper, manganese and a small level of several B vitamins, amongst other nutrients. It is low in cholesterol and saturated fat, which is always a good thing when it comes to the foods that you choose to include in your diet. There are also not an great many potato soup calories to worry about either, which makes this something that is definitely a good idea to eat.

The only negative factor, which you will find with all soups, is the fact that it is relatively high in sodium, which is something you should be keeping to a minimum in your diet. However, there are always reduced sodium versions available for purchase if you look around.

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