Calories in Ovaltine

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How many calories in ovaltine?

Ovaltine is an incredibly popular hot beverage most commonly consumed in North America and Europe, but how many calories does ovaltine have in it? Let's take a look.

Classic ovaltine, malt, dry mix

  • A 0.2 oz tablespoon of ovaltine powder = 20
  • 1 oz = 103
  • 10 g = 36

Chocolate ovaltine, malt, dry mix

  • * A 0.2 oz tablespoon of chocolate ovaltine powder = 20
  • 1 oz of = 103
  • 10 g of = 36

Rich chocolate, malt, dry mix

  • A 0.2 oz tablespoon of ovaltine powder = 20
  • 1 oz = 103
  • 10 g = 36

Please note that adding milk to the powder to make a cup of ovaltine will increase these figures.

We hope that this section has given you a clearer ideas as to the calories ovaltine contains.

Is ovaltine good for you?

As you can see fro the statistics above, the calorie content of ovaltine is pretty low. If you have one cup then the likelihood is that you aren't going to exceed one or two tablespoons of ovaltine powder. This can get you a moderate dose of iron, calcium, and vitamin A, but this is not really something that can make a positive impact on any nutritional balances in the body.

At the same time ovaltine is in no way bad for you, unless you are having a lot of sugar with it, which is going to vastly increase it's calorific content and make it potentially fattening.

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