Find out how many calories are in Miso Soup

If you would like to find out how many calories are in miso soup, then you have certainly landed on the right page. This is a simple guide to both miso soup calories and nutrition facts, explaining not only what this popular oriental soup is, but also whether or not it is good for you, and why. We also cover the calories in miso paste, the fundamental ingredient.

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What is miso soup?

Miso soup might not be the first that springs to mind when you are thinking about soups, but never the less it is one that is incredibly popular. But what is miso soup? For those of you that don't know, miso soup originated in Japan as just a simple ingredient to various foods. Miso is in fact a paste that is fermented from soybeans. It has a texture like butter and a salty taste. Miso is more recently made from wheat, rice and barley as well. It is incredibly healthy and the soup has a broth like texture and is made using other ingredients such as mushrooms, seaweed, fish, and tofu.

Miso soup calories

So how many calories does miso soup have in it? Now we are going to cover it's calorific content, and you will be happy to see that this tasty oriental dish does not contain very many at all.

Plain miso soup

  • In an 8.1 fl oz cup of miso soup made from one tablespoon of paste, there are 40 cal.
  • In 1 fl oz of miso soup there are 5 cal.
  • In 25 ml of miso soup there are 4 cal.

Calories in miso soup with wakame seaweed and spring onions

  • In an 8.1 fl oz cup there are 47 cal.

Miso soup with tofu and spring onions

  • In an 8.1 fl oz cup there are 93 cal.

Yoshinoya miso soup

  • In an 8 oz serving there are 60 cal.

Annie Chun's miso soup bowl

  • In a 5.4 oz bowl there are 220 cal.

Miso paste calories

  • In a 0.7 oz tablespoon of miso paste there are 40 cal.
  • In 1 oz of miso paste there is 56 cal.
  • In 100 g of miso paste there are 199 cal.

We hope that this section has been able to clearly highlight the calories miso soup contains. If you would like to learn about the nutritional values of miso soup, please continue reading.

More info on Nutrition in Miso Soup

Is miso soup good for you?

So is miso good for you? Well as you can see from the above list of nutrition facts, there are some rather impressive numbers there. Miso is something that is loaded with nutritional goodness such as a large amount of iron, vitamin K, B vitamins, manganese, copper and zinc. It is also very low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and there are few calories in miso soup to worry yourself with.

The only negative factor is that miso is incredibly high in sodium, which is something that you should be keeping to a minimum in your diet. Overall this is something that is full of nutritional goodness and if eaten in moderation is something that can do your diet the world of good.

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