Corona Light Calories

Corona is one of the most popular beers on the market, whether you like to enjoy one at home while watching the game, or out at a bar with friends, but how many calories in a corona? This page is going to show you quite simply the calories in corona beer, also known as corona extra, as well as corona light calories.

In addition to the information provided on corona calories, we are also going to highlight the alcohol content of the different corona beers for you.

In order to draw a comparison between the difference in Coors light calories, and the calories that are found in regular Coors, we have shown the calorific content of both beverages, alongside non-alcoholic Coors as well.

How many calories in a corona beer?

Corona produces two main types of beer, and these can be found at almost any bar, restaurant, supermarket or liquor store that you are likely to come across. These are regular corona, which is labelled as corona extra, and the light version known as corona light. The examples of corona beer calories below include both of these beers.

Calories in corona light

Becoming ever more popular due to it's lower calorie content, corona light is a beer that is most commonly served in a bottle with chunk of lime, or sometimes lemon, wedged in the neck. Let's look at the calories corona light contains:

  • In a 12 fl oz bottle of corona light there are 99 calories
  • In 1 fl oz of corona light there are 8 calories
  • In 25 ml of corona light there are 7 calories

Corona extra calories

The standard version of corona is called corona extra, and just like the light version, is most commonly served in a bottle with a chunk or lime, or lemon, in the neck to add to the flavor.

  • In a 12 fl oz bottle of corona extra there are 148 calories
  • In 1 fl oz of corona extra there are 12 calories
  • In 25 ml of corona extra there are 10 calories

I wouldn't worry too much about the potential calories that a slice of lemon or lime could add to your corona beer, but if you want to find out the number of calories found in these citrus fruits, please see out fruit menu on the left hand side of the page.

Unfortunately there is no non-alcoholic version of corona.

What is corona light alcohol content?

Now that you are aware of the total number of calories in corona light and corona extra, let's take a look at their alcohol content.

  • The alcohol content of corona light is 3.2 %
  • The alcohol content of corona extra is 4.6 %

Please make sure that you drink responsibly, and never mix drinking and driving. Just because there is the word 'light' in the name of a beer, it does not mean that you can drink more of it and be safe to drive home. Leave the driving to somebody who is under the legal limit when it comes to alcohol consumption where you live. Be sensible and always know your own limit.

Further information

We hope that you have found the information that you were looking for when it comes to corona extra and corona light calories, as well as the alcohol content of both beers. Should you want to find out the number of calories that are found in other popular beers such as Coors and Budweiser, please check out our calories in drinks section here.

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