Cadbury creme egg calories

The Cadbury creme egg is a popular chocolate treat that can be found primarily in the UK, but how many calories are in a Cadbury creme egg? This page is a short and sweet guide to Cadbury creme egg calories, using the regular size egg as the main example, as well as the mini version.

How many calories in a Cadbury creme egg?

First of all we are going to use the main example, the regular 1.2 oz creme egg, the focal point of the brand.

  • In a 1.2 oz Cadbury creme egg there are 150 calories

Cadbury creme egg calories by weight

Now we are going to break down creme egg calories by weight.

  • In 1 oz of Cadbury creme egg there are 125 calories
  • In 50 g of Cadbury creme egg there are 221 calories

How many calories in Cadbury mini creme eggs?

Now we are going to look at Cadbury mini creme egg calories, as this is a popular variation of the product.

  • In 4 Cadbury mini creme eggs there are 170 calories
  • In 1 Cadbury mini creme egg there are approximately 43 calories

What is a Cadbury creme egg?

Although the Cadbury creme egg is a product that is found primarily in the UK, the US confectionery giant Hershey have a license to produce and sell the product in the USA, and they are made by Cadbury Adams in Canada. Manufactured at a staggering rate of 1.5 million creme eggs per day, this proves how huge the demand is for the product. But for those of you who are unfamiliar with them, what is a Cadbury creme egg? The Cadbury creme egg was introduced as far back as 1963 and is an egg shaped chocolate shell, with a white and yellow fondant filling, which symbolises the insides of an egg.

Between the start of the year and Easter in the UK, Cadbury creme eggs are the biggest selling confectionery product. Although as a sweet treat they are high in calories and sugar, they are well worth trying out if you have never had one as they have a truly unique and wonderful taste, which anyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy.

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