Banana split calories

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What is a banana split?

A banana split is a dessert that is made from ice cream, bananas and cream.

How many calories in a banana split?

So how many calories does a banana split have in it? Let's now take a look.

Average brand banana split

  • A 1 lb 3 oz banana split sundae = 894
  • 100 g = 166
  • 1 oz = 47
  • Denny's banana split

  • A 15 oz dessert = 810
  • 100 g = 191
  • 1 oz = 54
  • Sonic drive in banana split calories

  • A 10.9 oz banana split = 490
  • 100 g = 159
  • 1 oz = 45
  • Dairy queen banana split dessert

  • A 13.2 oz banana split = 520
  • 100 g = 139
  • 1 oz = 39
  • Ben and Jerry's banana split ice cream

  • A 4 fl oz, half cup serving = 250
  • 1 fl oz = 63
  • 100 ml = 53
  • 25 ml = 212
  • We hope that you now have a better understanding as to the calories a banana split contains.

    Are banana splits bad for you?

    As a sweet dessert there is a lot of sugar in a banana split, and this is why there are so many calories in it. So anybody who is on a diet probably wants to be avoiding foods like this. There are some nutritional plus points to take note of such as a high amount of calcium, iron, as well as vitamins A and C. However, there is also a notable amount of cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium in this dessert, and these are all things that you should be aiming to keep to a minimum in your diet. Having one of these on the odd occasion won't do you any harm but eating them regularly is going to contribute to weight gain.

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