How many calories in banana bread?

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Calories in banana bread

So how many calories does banana bread have in it? Let's take a look.

    Calories in banana bread, made with margarine

  • A 60 g slice of banana bread = 196
  • 100 g = 326
  • 1 oz = 91
  • Betty Crocker quick mix banana bread

  • A 1.1 oz serving, which is 1/12 of a pack = 170
  • 100 g = 531
  • 1 oz = 151
  • Breadsmith banana bread

  • A half slice serving of banana bread weighing 1.7 oz = 130
  • 100 g = 277
  • 1 oz = 78
  • Breadsmith banana walnut bread

  • A half slice serving of banana bread weighing 1.7 oz = 140
  • 100 g = 298
  • 1 oz = 84
  • Breadsmith banana choc chip bread

  • A half slice serving of banana bread weighing 1.7 oz = 140
  • 100 g = 298
  • 1 oz = 84
  • Kwik trip banana bread calories

  • A 4 oz slice of banana bread = 360
  • 100 g = 316
  • 1 oz = 90

We hope that this page has been able to highlight the calories banana bread contains for you.

Is banana bread good for you?

Whereby there is not a stand out volume of any particular nutrient in banana bread, there is also not a high volume of anything that is bad for you such as sodium, saturate fat and cholesterol. This is a food that is definitely safe to include in your diet, but not to any great excess if you are calorie counting, as some varieties can have quite a high calorific value.

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