Calories in Bagels

Bagels are an incredibly popular bread product, that come in many different varieties, from fruity blueberry to a healthy sesame seed bagel with a topping such as cream cheese on. But how many calories in a bagel? This page is devoted to explaining plain and simply the bagel calories that you will be consuming if they are a part of your diet. Additionally we will be providing you with information on some very useful bagel nutrition facts.

With Panera bread bagels being one of the most popular bagels on the market today, the examples that we have used on this page center around their products.

How many calories in a bagel?

So how many calories are in a bagel? Well this is going to depend on not only the ingredients of the bagel, but the brand that makes them as well. This section is going to provide various examples of the calories bagels contain, using different bagel manufacturers.

  • Calories in a plain McDonald's bagel - 260

Calories in bagels with cream cheese

  • The average plain bagel with cream cheese will have approximately 430 calories

Panera calories

Let's now look at a list of calories in Panera bread bagels:

  • Whole wheat bagel calories - 340
  • Blueberry bagel - 340
  • Plain bagel - 290
  • Sesame seed bagel - 310
  • Chocolate chip bagel- 370
  • Cinnamon bagel - 420
  • Cinnamon and raisin bagel - 320
  • French toast bagel - 340
  • Asiago cheese bagel - 330
  • Everything bagel - 300
  • Sweet onion and poppyseed bagel - 390

The source of this information was:

Remember that the calories in bagels can vary depending on who makes them, so it is always a good idea to check the label, as this will have the calories found in the product with the nutritional details.

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Panera bagel nutrition facts

The bagel nutrition facts below are based on one Panera bread sesame seed bagel:

  • Sodium - 460 milligrams
  • Iron - 3.6 milligrams approx (an impressive 20% of the total you should be consuming in a day)
  • Calcium - 150 milligrams approx (a very helpful 15% of the total calcium you should be consuming per day)
  • Vitamin C - 9 milligrams approx
  • Carbohydrates - 59 g
  • Fat - 3 g
  • Protein - 10 g
  • Fiber - 2 g
  • Sugar - 3 g

As you can see the Panera bread sesame seed bagel is a good source of protein, iron and calcium, but it is also high in sodium which is something that we should restrict in our diet. 460 milligrams of sodium is 20% of the sodium that the average adult should allow themselves per day.

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